I Love Helping Women Regain Their Joy, Energy, and Passion for Life

Life Is About Thriving, Not Just Surviving

  • Do you struggle with exhaustion, stress, and overwhelm from running on the hamster wheel of life?  
  • Do you wish you had more time for yourself, without feeling guilty? 
  • Are you desperately trying to balance all your roles and responsibilities in life but find yourself still drowning? 
  • Do you wish you had more energy and time to do that which fills you? 
  • Are you struggling to understand what your purpose in life is?
  • Do you wonder why life is so tough? 

I too once asked these same questions. Thankfully, I am now thriving through life and want nothing more than to help other women do the same. 

"Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed." ~ Ecclesiastes 4:9

Coaching Process

Discover Session

Signing up for a 30 minute, complimentary discovery session with me is your first step in coaching. 

This session allows both of us to determine if your challenges match my expertise.

If there is a match, I will talk you through the next steps on how I think I could help you. If there is not a match, I will be forth right and honest, and help you find someone who is a better fit. 

Signing up for a discovery session does not require you to take the next step in purchasing coaching packages. Timing and readiness are everything when it comes to making changes in your life. 

Sign Me Up For a Discovery Session

Coaching Packages

If coaching is found to be a good fit for you, the next step is to select a coaching package. 

You have 3 coaching package options:

  • 3 months (6 sessions)
  • 6 months (12 sessions)
  • 12 months (18 sessions)

Picking a package often is correlated with your overall goals. If you are looking for a complete mind and spirit transformation, then the 12 month coaching package would be an ideal fit.

However, if you are looking to jump-start or test-drive coaching, then I would recommend the 3 month package.

The 6 month session is the most popular package as it allows women an opportunity to develop spiritual habits in a supportive and encouraging environment before continuing on their own.

All coaching packages include:

  • an analysis of your current challenges as well as your goals and dreams.
  • an individualized, faith-based program matching your specific challenges. 
  • 100% support and encouragement from me, your coach, with weekly touch-points conducted via text or email.


I'm Ready to Invest

"I cannot thank Angie enough for the guidance and support she provided me. She was 100% invested in what was going on in my life, yet she allowed me to navigate in the direction I was most needing to navigate at that time in my life. What was most beneficial for me was the action items to be accomplished prior to our next meeting. I needed these action steps and I needed her to talk with me about them in order to help me complete those action steps. My anxiety levels regarding the life challenge I was working on were dramatically decreased while working with Angie. Ultimately, there was a major shift in that life area and I was more open and ready to welcome that shift when it occurred which I credit Angie for greatly assisting in! I may have invested in Angie and her skills; however, it was her investment in me that made it one of the best investments I could have made!"


"You are a great coach – a combination of excellent listening skills, support/encouragement, movement from intention to measurable actions, and a wealth of knowledge available when requested."


Group Coaching

From time to time, I offer group coaching sessions. If you are interested in participating in this type of coaching, please fill out this form. You will be the first to find out about the next online coaching program!

For more information about the differences between group and one-on-one coaching, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Benefit 1: Individualized approach to making transformational changes in your life. 
    • The topics discussed are unique to you and the challenges you face. 
    • You will complete a pre-assessment that will allow me to analyze what your top three struggles are.
    • Based on this information, an individualized program will be designed for our time together.
  • Benefit 2: You have unconditional support, encouragement, and accountability. 
    • So often women need this support and accountability to take the initial steps to living life better - different - healthier. Unfortunately, accountability does not come by just reading books.
  • Benefit 3: Coaching is tailored for life circumstances.
    • Inevitably, life happens. When this does, we can shift our focus to help you cope and deal with the immediate life issue before getting back on track with the original plan. 

Using faith-based strategies I help women with: 

  • Simplifying life
  • Setting and sticking to boundaries
  • Reducing and managing stress
  • Slowing down life
  • Reducing busyness
  • Embracing self-care
  • Identifying misplaced strivings and identities
  • Walking through transitions in life
  • Finding purpose and meaning in all seasons of life

Don't see your challenge here? Sign up for a discover call and we can talk through a fit for your specific challenge(s). 

  • Sessions are typically held biweekly, however, this can be adjusted based on the desire for more or less accountability and support. 
    • When clients first start their program, a more frequent meeting schedule is often requested.  However, towards the end of the sessions, clients often wish to extend the time between meetings to have more time to work on strategies and commitments. 
  • Sessions are conducted online via Zoom or in-person if you live close to me. 

It is through God that change occurs. Transformation is the result of blessing bestowed upon you from our Heavenly Father. 

Even though it is God who produces change, God calls us to be a good steward of time. It is thus your role, as the client, to make time every day to prioritize and feed the seeds or areas you seek to grow. I also ask that before each coaching session, you prepare your heart to be open to trying and hearing new ways of living; ways rooted in Biblical truth.

As your coach it is my role to give you the seeds or strategies to grow. These seeds come in the form of an individualized faith-based program that will give you the tools you need to hit the reset button on life. You can also expect me to help you dig into deeply held beliefs that often hold you back from making progress. 

Timing, readiness, and perseverance are keys to making behavior changes last. 

Some questions you can ask yourself as you ponder whether now is the best time for coaching: 

  1. What seems to be your biggest challenges right now? 
  2. What are you doing to address these challenges? 
  3. Have you seen progress in addressing these challenges? 
  4. If progress is not being seen, what prevents you from addressing them? 
  5. How do your challenges impact you, your family, or friends? 
  6. What will happen if you don't fix this problem right now? 
  7. Where will you be in 3 months if this problem isn't addressed? 
  8. How will life look different when you have achieved your goal?

The responses you obtain from these questions should help you understand if now is a good time to start addressing your challenges. 

As a side note, there will never be the PERFECT time to start coaching. You will always be busy and have other priorities. Investing in coaching is a personal decision that despite the chaos of life, you are committed to living life by God's truths for the benefit of not only yourself, but to God and your family and friends. 


Coaching is an investment in you. When you sign up for coaching, you are making a commitment to yourself to live life better - different - healthier. This investment is critical for not only your own wellbeing, but for your ability to serve others and to run the race God has called you to. 

  • The cost per 90 minute session ranges from $44-55.
  • The total cost for each program is: 
    • 3 Months (6 sessions) = $498 
    • 6 Months (12 sessions) = $869 (10% discount)
    • 12 Months (18 sessions) = $1,195 (20% discount)
  • I'm happy to negotiate a payment schedule that best fits your needs. 

Coaching may be reimbursable through a health savings account (HSA) or flex spending account (FSA), or may be deductible as a medical expense, in accordance with IRS guidelines. I would advise you to check with your tax advisor.


Group coaching, as compared to one-on-one coaching, has several differences. Group coaching: 

  • is a predetermined program, with all participants moving through the same curriculum together. (One-on-one coaching is unique to your specific challenges). 
  • has weekly exercises to be completed individually and biweekly online Zoom calls to meet and discuss challenges you are facing while you work through the exercises. (One-on-one coaching goes way more in-depth with your specific challenges). 
  • is more cost effective. 
  • allows for a natural built-in support network as you journey with other women, working to live a thriving life. (Support from one-on-one coaching comes directly from me alone). 

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