There Is A Cost To Saying Yes. Is It Worth It?

Life is full of choices. 

Without intentionality, one or two yes' here or there can have detrimental affects to your wellbeing. 

There is a cost to saying yes.

Before you commit to saying yes, you should think through the potential costs. 

In full honesty, I have always struggled with saying yes and following bright shiny objects. Can you relate?

These past few years has painfully revealed my desire to follow the crowd.

Starting a new business has lead me to hundreds of people...

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The Simplified Life You Want Is On the Other Side Of Your Fear

The solution to simplify my life and reduce my stress was to quit my job. This one resolve was the hardest decision I have ever made. The fear of the unknown kept me paralyzed to a life that no longer served me. While I had many fears, the one that prevented me from taking action sooner was my identity. “If I was no longer a professor, then who was I?

Truth be told, this is still hard for me. As a society, we wrap our identities into our careers and jobs. When we no longer...

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