How Do You Thrive in Life? By Being Rooted.

Thrive is a state most of us want to live, but few actually do.

As the pace of life steadily increases and more demands are placed on your time, it seems your ability to thrive becomes less and less. Unless of course, you learn to build your life around strategies that help you live out this life!

One such strategy that helps you flourish is to be be rooted into God’s Word.

“Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow in the...

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Solitude Brings Life to a Weary Soul

Solitude is defined as "the state or situation of being alone."

It is about finding time everyday to pause from the chaos of life and simply be.

I will be the first to admit that finding silence each day can be anything but easy to do in our 21st century living. But, in order to care for our souls, it is exactly what we need to do.

When we take time to care for our souls, the love and serving we have for others comes from a place of abundance and overflow. If we neglect this soul care,...

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Do You Have Joy in Your Life?

Friend, can I ask you a personal question? Do you have joy in your life? 

All too often I find that women I speak to who are empty, do not have joy in their life. 


Merriam-Webster dictionary defines joy as “a source or cause of delight.” It is a state of happiness and emotion evoked by “possessing what one desires.”

If I defined joy for myself, it would be anything that brings a smile to my face, a lightness to my heart, and a fulfillment to my soul.


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Are You Taking Time to Refill Your Batteries?

Recently I saw a commercial on TV that made me laugh and shout ‘no’ all at once.

The commercial depicted a man who was tired and in need of a pick me-up. Using a drained phone battery to demonstrate this man’s tired state, the message of the commercial was to consume an energy drink to fill him back up to full again.

Consuming this energy drink was his way to recharge so that he could continue living life.

While the message of using an energy drink to recharge is NOT one I...

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If You Want to Reap, You Must First Sow

The story about the farmer sowing seed is one of my favorite bible stories.

It goes like this:

“A farmer went out to sow seed. While he was scattering the seed, some of it fell by the road. The birds came and ate all that seed. Other seed fell on rocky ground, where there was not enough dirt. It grew very fast there, because the soil was not deep. But when the sun rose, it burned the plants. The plants died because they did not have deep roots. Some other seed fell...

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How Do You Thrive in Life? By Setting Priorities.

Thrive is a word I use a lot. It is, after all, the name of my business and ministry. Thrive is not only how I want to live life, but it is how I want you to live life!

But, like everything in this world, in order to strive for something, you must first know what you are striving after.

I don’t think there is a person reading this post that doesn’t want to live a thriving life. After all, the brevity of life is noteable.

But, how exactly do you live a thriving life? How...

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