Want to Know the Secret to Lasting Behavior Change?

Come close. I have a secret to tell you. Breaking old and reestablishing new habits in your life cannot be done by sheer willpower alone. 

That's right! It's impossible! But, society leads us to believe that it can be done.

It is no wonder we often question our failures with thoughts such as, “Why can’t I stick with my goals? Why do I always fail in my attempt to bring about a new habit?” 

Have you ever had these thoughts? I know I have - many times over...

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Do You Have The Right Attitude For Change?

Your attitude determines your success or the lack thereof. 

Without an attitude of perseverance, your ability to sustain behavior change for the long-haul is almost a guarantee to fail. 

You see, it is your attitude that either carries you through the mess of life, or helps you sit in the mess. Because life will happen.

The messes and trials of our days will always be there. Without an attitude of perseverance, there is no way you will make it through the thick of this...

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Why Transformation Requires You to Look Backward, Before Moving Forward


Are you ready to jump into 2019 with two feet forward, ready to make changes in your life so that you can be healthier? 

After all, 2019 is your year to take this leap into a new and different you! It is your year for a fresh start, a renewed you, and a better version of yourself. 

But, wait!

Before you jump, I want you to pause. 

Pause and reflect on the year you are saying good-bye to, before welcoming in the new year. 

By giving yourself permission to...

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Change Is Needed, But Where Do You Start?

It is that time of year again.

The time when people are most open to making changes in their lives and open to letting others inside their mess to make themselves better. 

This time of year comes every year with a new-found hope.

A hope that this year (unlike years of the past) will be different. That you will be able to proclaim that you persisted and made your journey not one you just dreamed of, but lived.

Friend, do you have this hope for yourself? 

I pray you do! After all,...

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To the Women Who Wonders, "There Has to be More to this Life!"

Dear Friend,

I don't know your name, but I know the stirring in your heart and the agony that comes with that stirring. I understand the daily tug-of-war that plays out in your mind. One day life seems good and the next day your soul churns to, "There has to be more" and "Something needs to change."

I feel the desperation in your heart as you want to make a change but fear what that change looks like. And I see the tears that fall as you wonder if anyone else feels this way.

Friend, I'm here...

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