Slowing Down 101

The month of December is all about giving yourself permission to slow down and then following through on this permission - even during the most chaotic time of the year.

The last post talked about granting yourself permission to slow down. This post will focus on putting this permission into action. 

Allowing yourself the time to slow down is not just a nice gesture - it is absolutely the most essential part of this holiday season. 

Not giving yourself the time to slow...

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Breathing Through Stress

I had exactly 1.25 hours to get to Target with two kids in tote to do my grocery shopping for the week.

I knew I was "violating" one of my golden rules - avoid running errands when you don't have enough time, especially during the Christmas season.

My inner voice kept reminding me, "This is not a good idea!" I chose not to listen to it. I had decided being efficient was more important than listening to rationale. So, I made my Target run.

This one, small, and innocent decision...

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4 Ways to Slow Down Even When the Calendar Says Otherwise

Well, hello there, friend!

Today, I'm coming before you getting really real.

You know how I talk a lot about simplifying your life so that you can happily find margin in your days to slow down and rest? And how you should embrace self-care and personal boundaries?

Well, I have an announcement to make (you might want to sit down for this...).

Life doesn't always work the way you want it to! I know this comes to a shock to many of you! :)

There simply are going to be days (or months, or...

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