10 Ways to Slow Down Life


Life goes by fast, doesn't it?

If you are not intentional about slowing down the pace of life, you will not only find yourselves blinking and wondering what in the world happened to the last few years, but doing so exhausted, as you run the hamster wheel of life.

If there is one thing that I’m slowly learning, it is that LIFE IS NOT A RACE.

Let that sink in a minute because you are so often told otherwise.

How often do you work in a reactive mode rather than a proactive one? It...

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Moving from Empty to Full Requires Gratitude

Are you living life in survival mode where your soul - your very life line - is completely empty of life? 

If you said yes, friend, please know you are not alone! 

All too often the stressors and chaos of life can drain the energy right under your feet. If you are not mindful of filling your depleted soul, one day of emptiness can turn into days, months, and even years.

Before you know it, you are living life in survival mode. And that, friend, is not how God intended you to live.


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Are You On Your To-Do List?

As mama's, our to-do lists are long and never ending.

Whether it be grocery shopping, signing back-to-school forms, scheduling doctor and eye appointments, cleaning, doing laundry, taking the dog to the groomer, going to and from work and meetings, and driving our kids to activities, our days are full with tasks that demand our attention.

Friend, where are you on your to-do list?

Do me a favor right now. Stop reading this post and go right to your list. As you scan it over, make a mental note...

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Are You Working For the Approval of Others?

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know I once ran life on empty. I was exhausted, stressed out, and overwhelmed for well way too long.

I’m thankful I’ve found a different - better - healthier way to live life. When I look at how long I ran on empty, I can’t help but feel a heaviness in my heart.

This heaviness, however, is what fuels me. It is the reason why I get up every day. You see, I believe God walked me through a season of life for me to share the...

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How To Live Life Without Selling Out Your Soul

Nobody desires to lose their soul and yet, so many women are living life with a weary and worn-out soul.

Why is that?

Why are women so burden by life that their very life-line is ready to dial 9-1-1?

Of course there are hundreds of possible answers to this question.

Answers like I have littles at home that are very active. My husband travels for work most days of the week or has two jobs to help keep us financially upright.

Other responses might come in the form of what you fill your days...

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Out of Ashes Comes Beauty

I remember the day well. 

It was a warm, sunny, September day. I was up early as I had an 8am badminton class that I had to teach as part of my graduate assistantship for my doctoral program. Remember when you would do anything for money? Case in point! 

As I looked at the clock, I remember thinking to myself, "Where is everyone? Why are they late?" 

It was minutes later that I found out why. 

One of my students, who happened to be from Germany, came up to me in a panic....

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Are You Looking For Community In the Wrong Places?

Did you know that you were created to be in community? 

That deep desire you have to share life with others is not just a feeling. It is a hardwiring that God has placed in you. 

God knew that life would simply be too hard to do on your own.

In order to survive the mountains and valleys of life, you need the fellowship, love, care, support, and encouragement of others to weather the storms. And you need the accountability of others as you work to grow your faith. 


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God Wants You to Care For Yourself

Happy February!

Given it is the month of love, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to spend the next 28 days focusing on the kind of love women don't do well - that being, self-love.

You know what self-love is right? It is the kind of love where you give as much love to yourself as you for others.

I know, I know. This statement alone is enough to bring on eye-rolls, nervous laughs, and a complete disregard for a concept so many women view as impossible to achieve.

There are even...

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Breathing Through Stress

I had exactly 1.25 hours to get to Target with two kids in tote to do my grocery shopping for the week.

I knew I was "violating" one of my golden rules - avoid running errands when you don't have enough time, especially during the Christmas season.

My inner voice kept reminding me, "This is not a good idea!" I chose not to listen to it. I had decided being efficient was more important than listening to rationale. So, I made my Target run.

This one, small, and innocent decision...

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Making Gratitude Last

Happy Post Thanksgiving!

I pray your Thanksgiving was filled with good food, relaxation, family, friends, and gratitude!

What a blessing it was for my family to host Thanksgiving this year and celebrate with family that we love and cherish so deeply!

After all our guests went home, my husband and I reflected upon our day and decided that Thanksgiving felt different this year.

Unlike years past, this Thanksgiving was not so much about the actual day. It was about the days leading up to...

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