Why I Have A New Hero

purpose purpose in life Feb 08, 2019


Do you have a hero? 

Our kids have heroes, don’t they? 

These heroes are usually superhero’s that display incredible strength to fight villains.

As our kids get older, their superheroes move away from make-believe heroes like Spiderman, to real-life people like sports stars, teachers, or pastors. 

As a mama, I’ve never had a hero. 

I’ve had many people I’ve respected and cared about deeply. But, never a superhero. 

Until now. 

Maya Moore is my new hero.

Like a lot of heroes, I don’t know Maya personally. I only know her name and the fact that she is one excellent professional basketball player, playing for the Minnesota Lynx. 

The newspaper article recited her accolades: “WNBA MVP (2014), WNBA Finals MVP (2013), five-time-all-star, four-time WNBA champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist, two-time NCAA champion at Connecticut.”

Impressive, huh? 

For many, Maya is a superhero because of what she can do on the court. Her accomplishments speak volumes to her success. She is a legit role model for all young girls (and boys!) around the world! 

But, her success on the basketball court has nothing to do with why she is my superhero. 

Instead, it is because of her heart. 

This week, she announced that she was going to sit out her 2019 year of professional ball. 

Her desire to sit out has nothing to do with an injury, burnout, or a conflict with her teammates or coach. 

She has decided to sit out so that she can better live out her purpose. 

As she described, “...the main way I measure success in life is something I don’t often get to emphasize explicitly through pro ball...I measure success by asking, ‘Am I living out my purpose?’” 

And for Maya, her purpose in life is twofold: “To know Jesus and to make Him known.” 

Wow! Talk about bold and courageous! This statement gives me chills and encouragement all in one!

You see, Maya is at the pinnacle of her career. You could say she is stopping on the top of her game. And yet, Maya is okay pushing pause so that she can pursue ministry work, living out her true purpose, telling the world about Jesus. 

Can you see now why she is my hero? 

Put yourself in that position. Would you be able to push pause on your successful career to live out the purpose God has placed you on earth to accomplish? 

Most of us would admittingly not have the courage to do so. I, for one, would start to think of all the what-if’s that could happen.  

“What if I can’t go back to basketball next year?” 

“What if my ministry fails?” 

“What if others criticize me for this decision?” 

“What if I’m never back on top of my game?” 

I’m sure Maya went through these same “what if’s” as she contemplated this season. 

But, despite her assumed “what if’s,” she decided God was worth the outcome. 

Maya chose God over basketball. 

Are You Ready to be Courageous, to Live Out Your True Purpose? 

Friend, I share this story with you today not to tell you about my new superhero. I share it with you so that, like me, you can start to think about what your true purpose here on earth is and how you can live that purpose out. 

Are you here to just strive for titles and accolades? Do you live each day for followers, promotions, and recognition? 

Most of us do live this way. 

It’s how the world says we should live. If we are not striving and accomplishing and succeeding, then we are a nobody. 


If you don’t believe me, stop and think about your why. Why do you work? What motivates you every day to go to work and put in the daily grind?

If we are honest, most of us would say it is because of the external reward of what our work environment provides; whether it be the title behind our name, the visual recognition of being praised in front of our peers, or the extra financial bump we gain. And it is by this praise that we define our worth.

Friends, trust me, I struggle with these same motives. I too have the sinful desires of followers, recognition, and success. 

It’s an everyday struggle for me. 

And yet this story encourages me (and hopefully you!) to be bold and courageous in living out your true why; to live out your purpose here on earth for God, and God alone. 

What this looks like is different for everyone. However, I do believe that living life for God is less about the actual job you do, and more about using that job as a tool to let others know about God. 

It’s just about a shift in perspective.

Instead of living for titles and promotions, you live to know Jesus and to make Him known, doing the same job you’ve always been doing. 

Can you see the shift? Living for God does not require a job change (unless of course, God is calling you to a job change), but rather a difference in living out your why. 

So friends, how can you use your job to live out your true purpose in life? How can you use the boldness Maya demonstrated in your own life to courageously walk in God’s true purpose for your life? 

I would love to hear how Maya’s story influenced your own. Send me an email and let me know! 

As always, I’m walking this journey with you,

Angie 😘

Photo by Edwin Andrade & Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

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