There Is A Cost To Saying Yes. Is It Worth It?

Life is full of choices. 

Without intentionality, one or two yes' here or there can have detrimental affects to your wellbeing. 

There is a cost to saying yes.

Before you commit to saying yes, you should think through the potential costs. 

In full honesty, I have always struggled with saying yes and following bright shiny objects. Can you relate?

These past few years has painfully revealed my desire to follow the crowd.

Starting a new business has lead me to hundreds of people and courses who said “I can show you how to run your business and get clients.” I can show you how to do it - just follow me. So, I just said yes and followed them.

It look a year and several promising leads only for me to realize that all those paths only distracted me from the real path I should be following. These paths are not bad, per se. In fact, they are the right path for other business owners, just not me.

You see all along God kept telling me to just follow him and He would show me the way. I didn’t listen and it cost me.

This cost was in financial dollars. However, the real cost was in my inability to keep life simple. I had done a lot of work to simplify my life prior to these business endeavors and I was in a really good place.

When I added in these additional responsibilities, my life moved back to chaotic. And I felt it. In fact, my entire family felt it.

The cost of me saying yes taxed me and it taxed my family.

Thankfully, I have since purged those paths that don’t serve me. I now use my days in prayer and letting God be the author of my life.

The end result is once again living out a more simplified, peace-filled life.

Proverbs 14:12 says, “There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.”

What dead-end paths are you following? How are these paths affecting your ability to simplify your life?

Today is the perfect day to stop following others’ paths and start following God’s compass for your life.

The next time you are tempted to follow a bright, shiny path, take the time to heed the advice God offers us today.

Weigh the costs and benefits of adding this new path to your life and always - always - pray to God for clarity. When you ask, He will respond, giving you the guidance you need. 

Praying You Through,

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