How To Live Life Without Selling Out Your Soul

soul health Oct 29, 2018

Nobody desires to lose their soul and yet, so many women are living life with a weary and worn-out soul.

Why is that?

Why are women so burden by life that their very life-line is ready to dial 9-1-1?

Of course there are hundreds of possible answers to this question.

Answers like I have littles at home that are very active. My husband travels for work most days of the week or has two jobs to help keep us financially upright.

Other responses might come in the form of what you fill your days with. Could it be that your running 100 miles an hour? And could it be that this running is in the wrong direction?

Friends, I'm not here to critique why your soul is worn-out. We all go through seasons when we are living life stressed out and exhausted. Lord knows I lived like this for years and still today run into weeks when my soul is one big crumbled mess.

I'm so thankful, however, that I've learned how to turn my crumbled mess of a soul around when I find it is in need of revival.

It is these truths that I want to share with you today, to encourage you as you work to live a thriving life, one where your don't sell out your soul.

How Do You Live Life Without Selling Out Your Soul?

I believe finding ways to live life without selling out your soul is the key to happiness. It is what brings joy, passion, and energy back into your days.

Like so many things in this world, there is no magic pill to take, nor magic formula to follow. However, there are fundamental disciplines that when followed will allow God to fill your soul like no other.

Did you catch that? It is God and God alone who will fill your soul. 

I can tell you this from experience. There is nothing in this world that will satisfy the cravings your soul radiates. Nothing. Not a massage, not retail therapy, not date nights, concerts, food, or home purchases. Your husband or significant other will not satisfy it. And your kids will definitely not put a dent on your craving.

Your craving for wanting to live life differently and better is from the Holy Spirit who takes refuge in your soul. It makes sense then that the only person who can fill our craving is God.

It is through a personal relationship with Jesus that we can live a thriving life.

Below are the fundamental disciplines that I believe are critical to living a life that keeps your soul flourishing.

  • Getting into God's Word.
  • Living life with less so you can enjoy more.
  • Redefining success.
  • Working for God and God alone.
  • Embracing the gift God gave us in rest.
  • Being vulnerable and honest with a community of women who support, encourage, and correct you to lead a Godly life.
  • Remembering that saved souls (not accomplishments, successes, material possessions, or financial status) is what is brought to heaven.

Living life without selling your soul requires you to live in the world, but not to be ofthe world. 

Friend, if you find yourself struggling to do this, I want nothing more than to help you navigate your way. Hit reply to this email and let's chat about how, together, we can give you a thriving life, one where you are not selling out your soul.

Praying you through,

Angie xoxo

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