God is Greater Than Your Stress

stress Oct 29, 2018

The other day I was driving and saw a sign that quite literally made me pull over. The sign read:

 God > i. 

As I pulled my car over and stared at the sign, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm spill over me.

You see, that very same day, I had been letting the world and all of its troubles get to me. The headlines read "Unknown death toll from bridge collapse" and "Teen suicide soaring" and "School shooting leaves 2 critically injured."

What is it about reading the news that can cause a perfectly calm heart to quickly be filled with anxiety and stress, even if the events have no bearing on you personally? I mean, I didn't know anyone who was under that bridge collapse. Nor do I know a teenager who has taken his or her life because life simply was too unbearable to live. And I didn't know the victims of the school shooting.

But, their stories, they bring fears and 'what if's.'

'What if' it was my own loved one under the bridge or in that school? 'What if' it was my own child who couldn't see the point in living life anymore?

Add to these 'what if's,' the thought that these individuals have families who are now desperately hurting and grieving over their loss.

Do you ever feel this way? Do the headlines bring out the worse case of the 'what if's' in your own heart and add stress to an already stressful day?

I don't think I'm alone!

But, here is the good news - God is greater than the stress and worry we experience.

As I sat and stared at that church sign, I contemplated what the message meant.

For me, this extremely powerful visual jolted me to the reminder that God is bigger than my fears. He is bigger than my 'what if's' that cause me to worry and stress.

It is God alone who knows my life's journey - the happy times and the sad. And it is God alone who will walk with me through every life situation I face.

I'm thankful for the reminder that God gave me on that stressful day. It was there that I surrendered my stress over to Him and let Him be in control. All I simply needed to do was be a little 'angie,' in this giant world, trusting in my Lord.

Dear friend, I don't know what you are facing today. I don't know the stress you are under. But, I do know this. I know that if we can let God take your stress, your worries, and your fears and simply rest in His presence, you too will experience the peace you can't find from this world alone.

God is greater than you and all that life holds.

"Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous be shaken." (Psalm 55:22)

Praying you through,


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