Are you Practicing Soul Care?

self care soul care Oct 30, 2018


While Hallmark declares February as the love month, I'm declaring February as the self-love month; the month to embrace the care and love you deserve to give yourself.

As women, we are naturally inclined to love on others and serve them in whatever capacity is needed. Whether it be doing laundry, cleaning up puke from a sick kid (or husband), driving a forgotten lunch bag to school, or bringing over a hot meal (or bottle of wine) to a friend, we lovingly and willingly give our time to help others.

God designed women to serve others and what a blessing this gift is!

Somewhere in that serving, however, we have forgotten to serve ourselves.

The reasons for this are varied, but common thoughts revolve around the guilt of taking time for oneself, and the myth that as Christian women, we should always be serving others.

A third reason I find women neglect self-care is because the activities they partake in simply do not fill them to the level and depth needed for true and lasting fulfillment. It is this idea that we are going to explore in more depth today.

Finding the Right Self-Care

Self-care comes in many forms and in fact, is often unique for new seasons of life.

As a new mom, I never knew what exhaustion was until I had a baby. I also never knew the amazing feeling of what a solid three to four hour nap could do for my ability to function. I can only imagine this same feeling happens with those in other caring for elderly parents.

For those in this season of life, physical rest is of utmost importance.

As a mom of a tween, my physical exhaustion has moved to mental and emotional exhaustion.

I no longer have to worry about my physical rest, but in my emotional capacity to not "freak out" when my son does something that is out of bounds. Preparing my heart and mind before I get up in the morning and before he comes home from school is critical for my own self-love and my ability to remain calm during those trying times.

And when the chaos of life hits and my heart gets exhausted and weary, it is soul rest that I crave. It is during these days that the only self-care I need comes from one source - God.

Friend, I believe this soul, self-care is exactly what you also need to fill your own weary soul.


Soul Care

Soul care is the term I use to describe the kind of self-love most women need but rarely get.

It is the kind of self-care that turns to God, not the world, to fill weary, exhausted souls.

It is the only self-care I know that can reach the depth of love, you and I so desperately need.

You see, we can go have massages and pedicures every week. We can go on vacations every winter. And we can go out with friends every month.

They all serve a pupose of filling us up, and of giving us joy and relaxation.

While they do fill us, the effects of this type of self-care is temporary.

Think about the last time you were on vacation. For most, vacations are much needed opportunities to escape the stressful, hectic life you have been living day in and day out. There's nothing like getting out of town to finally slow down and breathe.

While you reap the benefit of being on vacation, returning from your trip brings you right back to the environment which caused you to be overwhelmed to begin with. It’s not long after and feelings of exhaustion and weary replace relaxed and energized.

God-filled self-care is nothing like this worldly self-care.

When done on a daily basis, spending time in God’s word and praying can fill your souls to a depth unachievable in worldly doings.

Furthermore, this self-love provides eternalopportunities to find peace and calm in a life that will proabably always be busy and stressful.

When it comes to self-care, the choice comes down to using earthly strivings to find fulfillment and peace, or it comes down to resting in God’s amazing love and grace.

1 Kings 19:7 says, “Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you.” 

The choice of what to eat is yours. I pray you decide God and His truths are foundational to your self-care.

If you choose this soul care, you too will find a peace and fulfillment that no vacation or retail therapy can match.

Today, I ask you, “What God-filled self-care activity will you do to fill your weary soul?”

I challenge you to do one of the following: Read scripture either in your bible or a devotional, write a love letter to God, and/or by pray to Him throughout the day.

What challenge will you take? Go ahead and hit the reply button and let me know! Let’s be a community that makes soul care their top priority.

Praying you through,

Angie xoxo

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