Are You On Your To-Do List?

self care Oct 29, 2018

As mama's, our to-do lists are long and never ending.

Whether it be grocery shopping, signing back-to-school forms, scheduling doctor and eye appointments, cleaning, doing laundry, taking the dog to the groomer, going to and from work and meetings, and driving our kids to activities, our days are full with tasks that demand our attention.

Friend, where are you on your to-do list?

Do me a favor right now. Stop reading this post and go right to your list. As you scan it over, make a mental note of where do you fall.

Are you on the top of the list? Are you on the bottom? Did you even make the list?

There is no judgement if you realize that taking care of yourself was not even on your radar. But, I do hope that as you read the rest of this post, you realize the importance of making you a priority as well as finding easy and practical ways to do so.

Why You Need To Be On The Top Of Your To-Do List

Before you click away from yet another self-care post, pause for a minute to reflect on whether you are actively pursuing self-care or simply just reading about it.

You see, the difference between the two is very real and significant!

When you fully embrace making you a priority, you realize how essential it is for your ability to live life. This time for you is quite literally your lifeline.

However, when you just read about it, you are unable to fully experience these benefits.

You miss out on those feel-good emotions that makes you feel alive. You miss out on being able to serve others from a place of desire and compassion, rather than from a place of resentment. And you miss out on living life to its fullest, rather than just merely surviving.

Oh, dear friend, self-care is one of the most important things you can do each and everyday.

Let's vow right now to let go of the lies that enter our thinking that we don't deserve or need time for ourselves. There is nothing further from the truth.

To live a thriving life requires you to take time for yourself.

Rethinking Self-Care

We have been conditioned to think self-care comes with large time commitments and costs. A pampering, if you will.

Mani's, pedi's, and massages fall under this pampering.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with pampering oneself, and are, in fact, needed every once in a while, they do nothing to help you grow.

I believe the best self-care you can provide for yourself is to do activities that will grow you, not just pamper you.

Let me explain.

Pampering is wonderful in that it gives you rest. It allows you to time to slow down and breathe. And it gives you an opportunity to be served, rather than always doing the serving. What an amazing gift that is!

However, when you only focus on self-care from a pampering perspective, you miss out on the opportunity to grow.

And it is this growth that makes you a better person - a healthier and more peaceful and confident mom, wife, daughter, friend, and child of God.

So what does this new self-care look like?

  • Making time to find and cook a healthy meal or exercise for 30 minutes.
  • Getting up at the crack of dawn to have quiet time with your Heavenly Father.
  • Texting a friend, asking if she can do coffee, lunch, or go on a walk.
  • Saying 'yes' to doing something on your bucket list.
  • Asking your husband or friend for a night out.
  • Volunteering for an organization you passionately believe in.
  • Purchasing a book or class that will grow your resiliency skills.

Friend, the list of self-care activities that grow you as a person are endless. But, they do not happen on their own. They require you - to be intentional about consistently blocking time off your calendar and then showing up, even when others want to fill that slot with their own agenda.

To some, that might seem harsh, but the reality is, you are a priority!

Jesus made Himself a priority. When He was in the thick of His ministry, He didn't just keep going day in and day out. He pulled away from the crowds and rested. He made Himself a priority before He was in the self-neglect danger zone.

Let's be daughters that follow in Jesus' footprints!

I encourage you to use Jesus' as the perfect role model on serving yourself before you serve others.

Now, before I go, I want to know - what self-care activity will you choose today that will grow you and not just pamper you? Go ahead and hit reply to this email and let me know!

Praying you through,


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