10 Ways to Slow Down Life

slow down Oct 29, 2018


Life goes by fast, doesn't it?

If you are not intentional about slowing down the pace of life, you will not only find yourselves blinking and wondering what in the world happened to the last few years, but doing so exhausted, as you run the hamster wheel of life.

If there is one thing that I’m slowly learning, it is that LIFE IS NOT A RACE.

Let that sink in a minute because you are so often told otherwise.

How often do you work in a reactive mode rather than a proactive one? It seems that in all areas of our life, reacting to situations is more common than planning for them.

Here in lies the problem - If you are always reacting, then everything is an emergency and you find yourselves chasing your tails all day long.

It’s no wonder you are stressed out, exhausted, and weary at the end of the day! Add in another day, week, month, and year, and well now you are a hot mess.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

If you are intentional each day to slow down the pace of life, you will be less reactive and more proactive.

You will find yourself breathing and calming the chaos in your head.

And you will find yourself less weary and run down. You might even wonder where your new found energy is coming from.

If there is more of you left to give at the end of each day, how would this positively affect your kids and husband or even yourself?

Maybe getting on the floor to play a game with your kids wouldn’t seem like such a chore. Or maybe you will be able to stay up later talking with your husband without listening ears.

Or maybe having more energy at night means you have time to say yes to you?

Ladies, life is too short NOT to slow down its pace.


10 ways to Slow Down Life

Wake Up with God
Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier to say a prayer, giving thanks to God for another day of life and another day to serve Him.

Drive Like Your Not in a Hurry
Anytime you find yourself driving, be comfortable simply driving the speed limit and staying in one lane the entire way. When you get the urge to pass, remind yourself that life is not a race.

Linger in the Bathroom
Every time you use the bathroom, spend an extra minute being still and quieting your mind.

Pray While You Wait
Whenever you find yourself waiting (medical appointments, work meetings, kids activities, etc), use that time to pray for those you are waiting for rather than mindlessly scrolling through social media.

Mid-Day Self Check-In
After you eat lunch, spend a few minutes checking in with yourself. How are you feeling? Are you stressed, calm, or anxious? Acknowledge the feelings and then work to correct it. If it’s something you can change, decide on your first step of correction. If it’s not something you can immediately change, recenter yourself by focusing on gratefulness.

Turn Off Background Noise
Turn off your TV and radio, and set your phone to airplane mode to reduce background noise. Learn to be comfortable sitting and working in silence.

Schedule Down Time
Prioritize living a slower life by scheduling into your days and weeks. It’s one of the most important meetings you will have. Make sure you attend!

Do One Task At a Time
Multitasking adds stress and chaos to your day. Minimize it by working on only one task at a time.

Listen With Your Eyes
When someone wants your attention, stop what you are doing and use your eyes to hear them. By doing so you are giving them your full attention and presence.

Fall Asleep with God
Before bed, journal and pray to God thanking Him for His daily provisions and blessings.

What strategy do you resonate with most? Try implementing this one strategy into your day today. When this becomes a habit, try another, and another, and another....

Before you know it, your life will naturally slow down and you will find yourself feeling less of the effects of living life in the fast lane.

Friends, remember, life is not a race. Let’s not sprint to the finish line. Let’s find time to notice the beautiful white flowers blooming on the trees. Life, after all, is not a destination, it is a journey. 

Praying you through,
Angie xoxo

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