Do You Struggle Finding Time For Yourself?

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If you're like most of my readers, you are a wife, mom and professional who loves making a difference in the world. 

To say you’re busy would be an understatement. You often find yourself running from one activity to the next, barely able to catch your breathe much less sit down and relax. 

Although you find much joy in your days, you also find herself exhausted, tired, and weary from the tug of war that comes with balancing the tasks and responsibilities of life. 


You Need To Change, But....

While you crave a better way of life, the fear of the unknown keeps you paralyzed from making a change. 

Instead, you suffer in silence and ask yourself:

  • Why do I feel so alone? 
  • Is this all there is to life? 
  • How much longer can I keep going? 
  • Is there any hope? 

I've Been There, Too.

Friend I know how you are feeling. For over a decade, I struggled to balance my professional career as an an academic professor and to be a present and engaged mom and wife. 

The stress of trying to juggle it all came at the expense of my health and relationships God had blessed me with.

While I searched high and low for answers on how to live life better, I never found them. There was nothing I could do that would fill or satisify my parched soul. Until, I opened my Bible. 

It was there, in my Bible, that I found the answers I had been seeking for! The more I read, the more God filled me with truth. I had no idea the Bible was the instruction manual on life. 

Today, God has restored my soul and is using my story to spread truth about how to live life better - different - healthier, one rooted in Scripture and God, Himself.


Can I Help You?

  • For over three years, I have been helping women, much like yourself, hit the restart button life.
  • Through writing, speaking, and coaching, I’m giving women the permission and know-how to do life differently, with God in the center of it all.
  • My mission is to help all women live life by God’s truths, rather than societal expectations.

When God is at the center of your life and everything you do revolves around Him, your life changes and transformation begins.

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